Episode 1: The Certified Celebrator


In today’s podcast, I sit down with Brittany Young- the Certified Celebrator! I met Brittany at her Pinterest-perfect home in Bowling Green, KY to talk about all things small business! If you haven’t noticed from her photo’s, Brittany is full of energy and a super positive person to be around!

At first listen to her videos, you may be thinking that she had a liiittttle too much caffeine, but it won’t take long for you to recognize that her that her energy is passion-driven and inspiring! I’ve spent a ton of time listening to her Facebook live videos, taking notes, and following her lead and I can attest that her tips and advice WORK.

Be sure to check her out on Facebook (along with 26,000 other fans)!

The Brittany Young – Certified Celebrator Facebook Page

You can also join her FREE biz bosses group, with a ton of helpful videos:

The Brittany Young Biz Bosses Facebook Group

And, if you’re feeling a little uninspired, or need some help in growing your business, check out the Brittany Young Creative Loop– a group of like-minded business owners, taking direction from Brittany Young. Each month features training videos, a live phone call, plenty of Q&A, challenges and more! Check out the link for more information!

As always, it was a blast talking to Brittany and I was thrilled to have her on the podcast. Her and I could talk business all day!


Up next, on the hire yourself podcast, we’ll sit down with Lindsey Boler, the owner of Red Elephant Studio in Scottsville, KY to talk about running a business with ZERO start up money; balancing work and motherhood and how failure is anything but that!

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