Episode 2: Cash Flowing Your Business = Peace of Mind


Hello all! I am so excited to FINALLY start sharing the amazing stories that I’ve gathered from successful small business owners! Each story is different and unique, but each one equally inspiring. I hope throughout this season, you find an  episode that really resonates with you and becomes the “sign” that you’ve been looking for!

In this weeks episode, I sit down with Lindsey Boler from the Red Elephant Studio in Scottsville, KY! As I’ve said before, her work is AMAZING! Just look below at her incredible baby photography:


Amazing, right?

I had a great time talking to Lindsey about her journey through entrepreneurship, including, why getting a small business loan isn’t always the best route to take; how “failure” is simply direction and what the name “Red Elephant Studio” means!

If you’re loving the podcast so far, please be sure to leave a review and rating! You can also subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher, so you don’t miss out on any upcoming episodes!

Next week on the Hire Yourself Podcast, we have Cat & Nat from the famous Cat & Nat show!


They are two HILARIOUS momma’s, raising 7 kiddos between them, and running a business from home that’s on target to break $500K this year by sharing video blogs about the funny, hard and just downright amusing realities of motherhood.

If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is!


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