Hilarious Videos + 7 Kids = $500K

How can 2 moms from Canada, raising 7 kids between them be on track to make $500K this year? We’re talking all about it on this weeks episode on the Hire Yourself Podcast! Cat & Nat are famous for their hilarious Facebook videos, specifically, the “Mom Truth Friday” videos and they’ve managed to turn their… Continue reading Hilarious Videos + 7 Kids = $500K

Episode 2: Cash Flowing Your Business = Peace of Mind

Hello all! I am so excited to FINALLY start sharing the amazing stories that I’ve gathered from successful small business owners! Each story is different and unique, but each one equally inspiring. I hope throughout this season, you find an ¬†episode that really resonates with you and becomes the “sign” that you’ve been looking for!… Continue reading Episode 2: Cash Flowing Your Business = Peace of Mind

Episode 1: The Certified Celebrator

In today’s podcast, I sit down with Brittany Young- the Certified Celebrator! I met Brittany at her Pinterest-perfect home in Bowling Green, KY to talk about all things small business! If you haven’t noticed from her photo’s, Brittany is full of energy and a super positive person to be around! At first listen to her… Continue reading Episode 1: The Certified Celebrator